Dogs and Cats

Dogs, cats and other pets and animals can all benefit from Reiki. Does your dog have an unexplained phobia? Perhaps he or she is recovering from a physical trauma but is not responding to veterinary treatment. As owners or custodians of animals, we try to give them the best treatments and quality of life possible so if your canine or feline friend is suffering, Reiki can be offered to help wherever it’s needed and it’s such a joy to see them reacting and improving after treatment. 


Reiki is beneficial for:  fear, anxiety, trauma, aggression, physical injury. illness or infection and depression 


I have helped a Leon burger with aggression at one location but nowhere else. 


A cat who was very ill and treatment by the vet wasn't working, Reiki therapy meant she could come off very aggressive drugs and spend her last few months without the intense pain until she passed away peacefully in the owners comfortable loving home.


An elderly fox terrier who shook and shivered constantly unless he was in the car, gradually showed improvement when the shaking became just an occasional shiver.